Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Typical WeekNight at our House

Just thought I'd give you a glimpse into our lives on a weeknight after getting home from work and what the process looks like...

I arrive home from work after my 40 minute commute, Mr. Man has Brody on a walk, so I am alone for the moment.  My plan is to do laundry and grill pork chops for dinner for a low-key evening in our house.

  • I hang my coat on the hooks we installed in the mud/laundry room and go upstairs for the laundry basket.
  • Bring basket downstairs and start a load in the washing machine.While doing this I realize there's a load in the dryer from who remembers when, so I fold those clothes.
  • The sun is out so I pull up the shade on the window as I fold and realize the window is filthy.
  • I take the laundry upstairs and put it away before grabbing the Windex & paper towels to go downstairs and clean the window.
  • After spraying the window and wiping it down I realize that the dirt i'm seeing is on the outside, so I head outside in my slippers to clean the window out there.
  • Cleaning the window uses the last of the paper towel roll, so I head back inside to get a new roll and install it upstairs in the paper towel spot.
  • As I passed by the door to the guest room downstairs I find a blanket crumpled on the floor.  As I start to fold it Mr. Man arrives home and asks me my plans for that room. (At this point we had literally done Nothing to that room, and it was completely empty but for a blow-up mattress.)
  • I told him my plans, and he immediately got out his industrial demo-hammer and went to work taking apart the crooked crappy shelving while I headed upstairs to get dinner marinating.
  • While that's marinating I pull up my bank's website and research auto-pay for a new bill of ours.
  • After taking care of banking, I open the pantry and remember that stuffed peppers were part of my meal plan for the night, so I start throwing together a filling and stuffing it into the mini sweet peppers I had bought.
  • I fire up the Grill! (I absolutely LOVE having the grill right outside the French doors on our porch!)
  • I take advantage of this pre-heating moment to photograph my man during his Demo before putting our food on the grill.

  • When it's done I pry him away from his progress to eat dinner.  We finally have our few minutes of quiet together and enjoy our meal.

  • After dinner I go to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but it's full of clean dishes, so that has to get emptied and all dishes put away.
  • The leftover food gets put away, pans get washed, and the dishes get loaded into the dishwasher.
  • The empty beer bottles were headed for the recycle bin when I realized it was full, so I take it down to the garage bins to wait for trash day.
  • While downstairs, I realize that I never went back to switch the laundry, so the wash switches to the dryer, and Finally it's time to sit on the couch.
  • Before long Brody needs to go out, so he starts talking and nudging my elbow as I sit on the couch. After our 20 minute walk around the neighborhood it is finally time to be horizontal, off my feet, and go to sleep!!!

I know there are many people out there who have evenings that look like this.  There is always something to do, and I try to follow the mantra "Don't be Lazy" when a chore comes up that I'm less than enthused about doing.
Life is busy, and there's always lots to do, and I wish you all enough energy and dedication to do it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Simple Things

It seems like every minute of every day I'm thinking about what the next project is, and where we can get the most bang for our buck. There's always some project going on or some daily chores to be done.
What I'm realizing as all these tasks pile up and are constantly being crossed of the to-do list... It's important to take time for the simple things in life that just plain old make you Happy :)
This weekend my mom visited, and she and I made time to go to a craft show in Boston. We even managed to somehow have lunch at an awesome restaurant!

I also stole 45 minutes for myself and painted my nails a vibrant pink!
These little time-out items make all the other stuff even more fun and better appreciated.

Don't worry though, plenty of house stuff got done this weekend too...we worked on the gardens (by 'we' on this one I mean Mr. Man.) Painted a door, Demo-ed some poorly built built-in shelves, vacuumed the entire house, did 5 loads of laundry, cooked many meals and made more curtains for the rooms upstairs.

Everything in moderation...!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coat Closet Part Deux!

Yes, I am a little obsessed with our coat closet.  Which is kinda silly, because it's not even really where we hang our coats on a daily basis.  But whatever, it's fine.

We started with some random hooks thrown into a closet with patchy dry-wall and no paint:

Then we graduated to a nice freshly painted white walled closet with black trim hooks:

The last thing that this closet needed, was character!  And a good utilization of the upper space above the top row of hooks.  So in order to not disappoint any closet-lovers (wait that sounds wrong) out there, I went to work making the shelf my dad got us perfect for this space....

Masking tape stripes....

Black paint to match the trim....

Put some of Brody's stuff on our new shelf...

And call this Make-Over Complete!!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are so many DIY sites and blogs out there, and I will be the first to admit: I'm hooked!!
When I see someone else make something totally awesome for $15 worth of supplies that I just purchased at a store for $30, I get really mad!!!

So I decided that Curtains in our new house weren't going to be one of those things for me!
Step 1: Borrow my mom's sewing machine!  (there is definitely one of my own in my future, but just not quite yet)
Step 2: Buy Fabric. I purchased a Groupon to a local fabric basement store, so pretty much got it all for 50% off!

Step 3: Figure out how to make a valance curtain and start sewing!!
Step 4: Hang it on the curtain rod and realize that I missed a very vital line of stitching that would Keep the curtain on the rod...
Step 5: Fix that problem
Step 6: Hang curtain, admire curtain, call husband over to admire curtain!

 Step 7: Post Before & After pictures on the Blog!!

I'm in love with the fact that I lined the back with white fabric so it looks professional from outside the window, and the light doesn't come straight through it screaming "this is a homemade curtain"
All in all, this was a complete success, and I may or may-not have already lost at least 30 minutes of my life staring at my creation!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The End of an Era

It is official, the "Condo Ownership" Era of our lives is officially over.  Papers are signed, keys were handed over, and we can't just stop by the condo anymore if we wanted to!

4 great years were spent in this condo!  I have so many memories in this place, and will always remember it fondly.

Alas, it's time to start making memories in our new place.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Miniature...Filled with So Much Love

I don't even know where to begin explaining this amazing gift that we received for our Housewarming.  Some very dear family friends brought a Huge box into our house for us, and when we opened it, this is what we found:

Such an amazing representation of our very own house to look at every night.  From the shutters & hand painted bushes, to the brick steps & American Flag, I can't believe how incredible this is each time I look at it.
4 years ago, when I bought the Condo, these same friends made this for me:

Complete with mini-shingles, hand painted wood pattern and a family photo behind working doors, this gift brought tears to my eyes back then.
I didn't think in a million years I'd be graced with another as special as that one.  Many people go their whole lives without such a heartfelt and meaningful handmade gift being made just for them, and I now have 2!

I don't know how I got so lucky to have such talented and loving friends like them, but I'm sure glad I do.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our House is Officially Warm

We were warmed, in House and in Heart by all of our friends and family this weekend who came to celebrate our new house with us.

The outpouring of love and amazing gifts blew us away, and just made this house feel even more like Home!

Thank you to all of you who made that day what it was for us.